The intention of this information is to be downloaded by MDrivenDesigner at startup to guide what tagged values can be used where.

All valid Tagged values must be added here.


We deliberately skipped the ones that have Designer properties already.

#TargetType.TaggedValue CommaSeparatedExampleValues Short Description
#Column.DataIsImageUrl True,False When set on a ViewModelColumn, the data string is treated as an Image URL by Turnkey. See: Column.DataIsImageUrl
#Column.DataIsLink True,False When set on viewmodelColumn, the string data within is treated as a hyperlink. See: Column.DataIsLink
#Column.BlobDownloadLink True,False When set on a ViewModelColumn, the Blob content can be downloaded by a hyperlink rather than rendered. See: Column.BlobDownloadLink
#Nesting.Editable True,False Nesting that represents the grid will render web grid cells as possibly editable (depending on read-only expression). See also: Nesting.Editable
#Column.MaxFetch <int> Declare "MaxFetch=<int>" on the ViewModelColumn action that initiates the search to change from the default (100). See also: Column.MaxFetch, MaxFetch
#Attribute.ExternalBlobStorage True,False Large files can be kept out of the granular model database. This is a turnkey functionality only - and the files will be stored (with the simplest out-of-the-box solution) on disk App_Data/BlobStorage. See: Attribute.ExternalBlobStorage
#Column.StringFormat <identifier> WPF Only: TaggedValue StringFormat on ViewModel column has precedence for finding a binding Stringformat - normally the stringFormat is taken from <StyleRef>.StringFormat, but if this TV has value - <value>.StringFormat is used. See Column.StringFormat, Text_formatting
#Span.MVC True,False The Turnkey WebApplication uses MVC for index and login pages - it defaults to angular js for all other pages. To get MVC on other pages you must set the tagged value MVC=true on ViewModel. See: Span.MVC
#Column.Angular_Ext_Component <Angular component name> Set UIOverride on ViewModelColum - assign this tagged value - turnkey will now look for a component definition in EXT_Components folder. See: Column.Angular Ext Component
#Span.DoNotSearchOnEnter Existence UI's in WPF and Turnkey will search on enter as it has seek expressions - you can turn this ff by defining this TV on the ViewModel level. See also: Span.DoNotSearchOnEnter
#Span.Bootstrap.ClassPrefix col-xs- Alter the default Bootstrap column prefix from col-sm- to something else. See: Bootstrap
#Span.Bootstrap.StaticSections Existence The view parts above the topmost splitter and below the bottom-most splitters will be static in the browser. The middle section scrolls. See: Bootstrap
#Method.Eco.ExternalLateBound Existence If TV is set the ExternalLateBound logic is searched for implementation of this method. See also: Method.Eco.ExternalLateBound
#Span.CSSGrid True,False If this is true then MVC and angular views will Render with CSSGrid instead of with Bootstrap. See: Span.CSSGrid
#Nesting.MultiSelect True,False Allows multi-select - you can then expect vSelected_<NameOfNesting> to be maintained. See: Nesting.MultiSelect
#Column.DataIsHtml True,False When True static fields treat the data as markup and display potential HTML in the browser. See: Column.DataIsHtml
#Span.Eco.RestAllowed True,False Enables a ViewModel to be accessed with REST API (default False). See: Span.Eco.RestAllowed
#Span.Eco.UIAllowed True,False Disables a ViewModel to be accessed within the UI (default True). See: Span.Eco.UIAllowed
#Span.Eco.AutoSave True,False Enables a viewModel to automatically save all changes without showing the Save/Cancel buttons. See: Span.Eco.AutoSave
#Column.XmlAttribute True,False When using ViewModelAsXml, ViewModel column will be rendered as an XML Attribute. See: ViewModelAsXML, ViewModelAsJSon
#Column.XmlChildnode True,False When using ViewModelAsXml, ViewModel single link column will be rendered as an XML element tree node. See: ViewModelAsXML, ViewModelAsJSon
#Column.NodeName <name of node> Used to override the XML och JSON node name usually given by the ViewModel column. Used for example to input a - (dash) as a part of the name of an attribute. See: ViewModelAsXML, ViewModelAsJSon
#Column.MaxFileSizeInBytes 10000000 Limits Blobs and Images to a maximum size of the file (primarily web). See: Column.MaxFileSizeInBytes
#Column.AcceptFiles image/*,.pdf Rendered in HTML on the <input> file tag as the "accept" attribute. For more info, search for the "accept" attribute. See also: Upload/Download files and images in MDriven Turnkey
#Span.HideSidebar True,False Hide the sidebar on the page - Note: Use the new HideSidebar checkbox on ViewModel. See: Span.HideSidebar
#Span.HideMenubar True,False Hides Menubar for page - Note: Use the new HideMenubar checkbox on ViewModel. See: Span.HideMenubar
#Span.FixColSize True,False Set equal columns size on the page. See: Span.FixColSize
#Column.FixColSize True,False Set equal columns size inside the groupboxes. See: Column.FixColSize
#Column.HideHeading True,False Hide the heading of the groupbox. See: Column.HideHeading
#Column.OpenInNewTab True,False Open the link in the new browser tab
#Nesting.Eco.WECPOFDoubleClickAction None,DefaultAction,ModalOkPrecedence Implemented for WPF but should follow in Turnkey. Controls what should happen on Grid double click.
#Column.Switch True,False Change the checkbox appearance to the switch control. See: Column.Switch
#Nesting.CellSelect True,False In WPF, this controls if the grid should get CellSelect from start rather than row select. See also: Nesting.CellSelect
#Column.Placeholder Placeholder text Add placeholder text for text and number fields. See: Column.Placeholder
#Column.autofocus True,False Focuses the control when it appears on the screen. Might conflict with other focus events. See: Column.autofocus
#Column.autocomplete True, False Hint for form autofill feature (disabled by default for every input field), See: Column.autocomplete
#Nesting.FrozenColumns 1,2 In WPF DataGrid can freeze leftmost columns from scrolling (aka fixedcolumns). See: Nesting.FrozenColumns
#Attribute.CheckIdNameConflict True,False Avoids warning about naming conflicts between a table and the automatically named ID columns when generating a SQL database. See also: Attribute.CheckIdNameConflict
#Column.XmlParentValue True,False Makes the attribute's value appear as the parent element's value instead of an element. Note: if used on more than one attribute on the same ViewModel class, the result is undefined. See: ViewModelAsXML
#Column.Resizable True,False Make the text area element resizable. See: Column.Resizable
#Column.Eco.ImageWidth 20,30,40 Controls WPF Images in Grids default is 20.
#Column.Eco.ImageHeight 20,30,40 Controls WPF Images in Grids default is 20
#Column.FormatAttr Sets the angular format attribute that controls text rendering. Use StringFormatAngular instead. See: Column.FormatAttr
#Column.StringFormatAngular Sets the angular format attribute that controls text rendering. Replaces the FormatAttr to resemble WPF and Razor. See also: Column.StringFormatAngular, Text_formatting
#Column.StringFormatRazor Sets the Razor format attribute that controls text rendering. Replaces the FormatAttr to resemble WPF and Angular. See: Column.StringFormatRazor, Text_formatting
#Column.Texttype password,email,tel,url,search For inputs intended as type text, this type can be overridden with something else. See: Column.Texttype
#Attribute.Eco.BlobType SVG,XamlSymbol,Image,Blob,RichText Set on attributes of classes to influence how a binary array or Text field should be interpreted. See: Attribute.Eco.BlobType
#Column.Eco.BlobType SVG,XamlSymbol,Image,Blob,RichText Set on Column to influence how a binary array or Text field should be interpreted. See: Column.Eco.BlobType
#Nesting.Striped True,False Adds the striped style to your table. See: Nesting.Striped
#Span.ModalSize narrow,large,veryLarge Choose the size of the modal window which will contain your ViewModel. See: Span.ModalSize
#Nesting.IsSeekerResultGrid True,False Seeker page logic uses this to show buttons in the grid. See: Nesting.IsSeekerResultGrid
#Attribute.Realtime True,False If changed it will be invalidated in all clients upon saving asap - ie by an active push from the server. See also: SignalR and Realtime
#Column.Icon Set the icon to your action from the default Material Design icons pack. See: Material Design Icons
#Column.IconPosition before,after Choose the position of the icon inside your action button. By default, the icon is placed before the button text. See: Material Design Icons
#Column.IconButton True,False Displays just the icon instead of the button text. See: Material Design Icons
#Column.IconInInput True,False Enable this Tagged value to put the icon inside the input control instead of the label. See: Material Design Icons
#Nesting.ClientSortable True,False Makes all columns in the table sortable by clicking on the header. Can be overridden on each column. Defaults to True for tables that are not seeker results. See: Nesting.ClientSortable
#Column.ClientSortable True,False Makes the column sortable by clicking on the header. Default is inherited from the table. Default is False in Seekers. See: Column.ClientSortable
#Column.SeekerSortable True,False Makes the column sortable by clicking on the header in a Seeker. See: Column.SeekerSortable
#Nesting.Eco.SeekerDefaultOrderColumnName Name of the attribute in the OrderExpression ViewModel class to use when a result is found by using this search expression. See also: Seeker view
#Nesting.Eco.HiliteGridColumn Viewmodel name of the SearchResultGrid result and the Name of the attribute in that ViewModel in the format <ViewModelName>.<AttributeName>. This column will be highlighted (coloured) when the result is found by using this search expression. See also: Seeker view
#Span.XmlRootTag Influence root tag used in ViewModelAsXML. See also: Span.XmlRootTag
#Span.SkipWhenBacking True,False When pressing back into this view we skip and move to the view before - (Implemented in WPF) - Good if you have a switchboard view that automatically navigates somewhere
#Nesting.ShowOldContextMenu True,False If this option is enabled - the old context menu will appear instead of the new one.
#Column.TaJsonTreatListAsDynamicProperties True,False When this is true, we read the nesting in the ViewModel object and look for Name and Value properties - we then use the result as properties on the resulting json object. Read more: Tajson
#Column.TaJsonTreatListAsValues True,False When this is true, we generate a json array of the first column in the ViewModel nesting. This gives a json array of values rather than of objects. Read more: Tajson
#Column.SkipStyleLogic True,False To be used when _Style column is not to be interpreted as a style name in Xaml or CSS-class in HTML - instead, it is just data picked up by some other style's binding - or HTML style info. See also: Column.SkipStyleLogic, Turnkey Styling
#Attribute.AllowMVCAccess ok,notok,okwhenauthenticated The GetImage of MVC - this is the default "ok" for byte[] and default not ok for strings. See: MVC GetImage
#Nesting.IncludeCurrentAndSelectedVariables True,False Default True, which includes vCurrent and vSelected as data in a streaming ViewModel. Used when easy access to current and selected row are not wanted when databinding. See: Nesting.IncludeCurrentAndSelectedVariables, VCurrent and vSelected
#Column.DesignTimeColor Red,Green,Blue,#1278FF This sets a background color of the ViewModel column in the ViewModel tree - it is a design time help
#Column.RawJSon True,False When using AsTajson you may want to inject snippets of already formatted json into the tree. Read more: Tajson
#Span.Savebar True,False Shows a "savebar" at the top of the screen when unsaved changes exists. Also shows Undo/Redo buttons. Will also hide the left sidebar. See also: Span.Savebar
#Span.TurnkeyTimeoutMinutes Delay in minutes until user will be timed out from current ViewModel. See: Span.TurnkeyTimeoutMinutes, Turnkey Client Timeout
#Span.MemorySeeker True,False If set to true Seeker logic will use OCL to search in memory rather than the standard OCLPS to search in db
#Span.UseAngularJSComponents True,False Turn on for the view the new implementation of rendering using AngularJS component based application structure.
#Column.Fab True,False Changing default button presentation to the FAB (Floating action button). Requires icon.
#Column.TypeToPresent time,datetime-local,week,month Changing the presentation of DateTime object based on chosen option.
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