Turnkey Client Timeout


For running applications, the TurnKey server keeps an active memory space for each active client using a Streaming app. As long as that client is active and has a connection, resources are held in the memory of the server. If you want your application to automatically move to an MVC page that doesn't require any server resources, use the Timeout features.

How to Configure

By default, no timeout is active. The timeout setting is then -1.

You can configure the timeout for the whole server or for individual pages, with the individual page setting taking precedence.

For the whole server, i.e. all pages, add a setting to TurnkeySettings.xml like this:


For a specific page, set the tagged value TurnkeyTimeoutMinutes on the ViewModel.

Timeout Page

There is a built-in simple Timedout page that will be used by default.

If you want to create a ViewModel with your own design, create a ViewModel called Timedout and it will be used when a user waits longer than the timeout setting.

Note! This page only works if it is an MVC page. See: MVC

See also: Memory optimization

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