VistaDB is an embedded DB licensed from Gibraltar software.

Its main use is to be an admin and startup DB for MDrivenServer. It will replace the SQLCompact DB since this does not work on platforms other than Windows.

If you rather continue to work with SQLCompactDB (since you will be on Windows) you can do so by deleting the files in red and restart the server:

2024-02-05 11h19 12.png

Internal note to Builders: The VistaDB's Nuget package is not public. You need to add the path in VS: C:\capableobjectswush\Xternal\VistaDB

2021-04-25 16h20 43.png

If a new MDrivenServer (has no valid admin DB) sees UseVistaDBIfThisFileExists.xml the file DatabaseVistaDB_TkStartDb.vdb6, it will copy it into DatabaseVistaDB.vdb6. From then on, the MDrivenServer will use VistaDB as the admin DB.

Otherwise, DatabaseCompact_TkStartDb.sdf will be copied to DatabaseCompact.sdf, and from that point, SQLCompact is used as admin DB (will not work on Linux and macOS).

Go Back to DatabaseCompact When Needed

In MDrivenServer/App_Data:

  1. Delete/rename the current DB DatabaseVistaDB.vdb6 to conceal it.
  2. Rename the file "UseVistaDBIfThisFileExists" to hide it.
  3. Restart the server.
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