Release Notes
Release notes
All the latest MDriven Fixes and Updates

MDriven - March 2024

Improved User Interface

  • Enhanced selection behavior in the View Model Editor to function even when action errors are present.
  • Introduced a "Hide on Disable" option for actions, allowing for actions to be completely hidden from end-user when so desired.
  • Error messages during OCL execution now pinpoint the specific method causing the issue.

Multi-Select Functionality

  • Implemented multi-select functionality in web UI tables, improving workflow efficiency.
  • Improved Model Upload
    • Resolved an issue where model uploads caused the application to become unresponsive. Uploads now run asynchronously.

Data Handling

  • Introduced a new vCurrent_Root variable for simpler access to the root element from any location within the view model. This streamlines copying and pasting view models while maintaining functional expressions.
  • Enhanced context sensitivity during OCL editing, providing more relevant suggestions based on the current context.

Database Consistency

  • Introduced a new validateA0DbData function for the MDriven server to identify and potentially fix inconsistencies within the database.
  • Debugger Improvements
    • Resolved an issue where the debugger lost the implicit selfVM variable upon model reread.

Error Handling

  • Improved error message clarity for type mismatches, providing more informative warnings.
  • Enhanced error handling for OCL expressions with mismatched data types, now displaying red dots to indicate errors within the model.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where left menu actions appeared as permanently selected or executable.
  • Addressed a navigation issue within pop-ups where the root object wasn't passed correctly.

Reverse Engineering Databases

  • Improved functionality for reverse engineering, particularly for Postgres databases.
  • Addressed general improvements to the reverse engineering process.

Access Groups

  • Access Group Permissions
  • Resolved access group permission issues related to global actions.

Improved Handling of Division by Zero

  • Errors caused by division by zero are now handled more gracefully. Instead of crashing the application, the result will be set to the maximum decimal value.

Advanced Tables Feature

  • Introduced a new "Advanced Tables" turnkey feature. This feature can be enabled globally or for specific tables via tag values.
  • Enabling Advanced Tables provides functionalities like resizing columns, sorting data, and other advanced table manipulation capabilities.

Additional Notes

  • NavigateURL Overload: A new overload has been introduced for the selfVM navigate URL function. This allows you to specify whether you want to open the URL in a new tab or the current tab.
  • Read-Only Mode Information: Refer to other resources for detailed information on the read-only mode.
  • Improved Server Stability: Mitigated server restarts caused by errors in server-side jobs using the SQL pass-through operator.
  • Enhanced Cache Invalidation: Fixed a bug where mounting view models within other view models didn't trigger proper cache invalidation, potentially leading to outdated data.
  • MDriven Visual Studio Plugin - Improved Performance: Resolved an issue where code generation within the Visual Studio plugin caused the UI to temporarily freeze, especially for large models.
  • Limited Data Fetching in OCL Expressions: Introduced a new feature to limit data fetching within OCL expressions, actions, and persistent storage execution. This helps prevent accidental retrieval of massive amounts of data that could overwhelm the system.

Improved Performance

  • Introduced a new setting named "SSServiceSideJobParallelism" for periodic actions. This allows you to configure the number of parallel workers used to execute these actions on the MDriven server. This functionality helps optimize performance by controlling the number of jobs running concurrently.

Improved User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where left menu actions displayed incorrectly.
  • Addressed an issue where global actions and access groups interacted poorly.
  • Enhanced Error Handling
    • Introduced improved error messages for report generation failures.

Additional Notes:

The new "Merge Model" functionality for OpenAI integration requires downloading additional components from GitHub. Refer to the MDriven documentation for detailed instructions.