Note! Using AppWideAngularScriptIncludes is one way to get scripts to load high up in the page rendering.

In addition, we also started loading this appwideangularscriptincludes.html file from each EXT_Components folder. This makes the EXT_Component more self-sufficient and complete.

For example:

2021-04-02 16h36 01.png

The image above shows a per component AppWideAngularScriptInclude file - thus removing the need for the EXT_Scripts/AppWideAngularScriptInclude file.


In MDriven Turnkey for AngularJS, you can add a file AppWideAngularScriptIncludes.html in EXT_Scripts.

The contents will be included in your app before Angular compiles.

Typical content is:

<script src="/EXT_Scripts/BoardComponentScriptsThatUseDirectivesAndSuch.js"></script>
<script src="/EXT_Scripts/GanttComponentScriptsThatUseDirectivesAndSuch.js"></script>
<script src="/EXT_Scripts/<YourScript>.js"></script>

Check out more information in the video ☛ Plugins in Turnkey

Also be aware that on Linux file names are case sensitive and this particular file is access with small charachters: appwideangularscriptincludes.html

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