#TargetType.TaggedValue CommaSeparatedExampleValues Short Description
#Column.DataIsHtml True,False When True static fields treat the data as markup and display potential HTML in the browser

This is a way to put HTML code directly into a page.

You can, for example, have the TinyMCE editor for editing custom content - then have a column tagged with DataIsHtml and point it to the Blob field that contains the HTML, and this HTML will be used directly as HTML in the page. It will be data-bound; if you change this HTML dynamically, the pages will also be updated dynamically. This is a way, for example, to present content that is edited by an administrator or another user or other ways that you create HTML. You could also, for example, use the report as an HTML function (HtmlReport). If you do that, you can create complex content that is intermingled with data-bound information that will be put onto the page.

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