#TargetType.TaggedValue CommaSeparatedExampleValues Short Description
#Column.DataIsLink True,False When set on viewmodelColumn, the string data within is treated as a hyperlink

The string you provide will be treated as a hyperlink - it will come with the underscoring and traditional web link. This is the primary way of making a link that points outside your application.

In MDriven Turnkey, you can represent your data string as a hyperlink. To make it, set TaggedValue "DataIsLink" on your ViewModelColumn with the data you want to present in the Turnkey as a hyperlink. The text of the link will be the ViewModelColumn's name.

If you want to change the text of the hyperlink or set it dynamically, add another ViewModelColumn into your ViewModel and name it as <NameOfColumnWithHyperlink>_LinkText.

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