MVC GetImage

With MVC, we have a controller GetImage that expects an object identity and an attribute with a Blob, like this: http://localhost:5052/Turnkey/GetImage?img=9!10-SomeImage

You may append yet another section with '-' that denotes a content-type header to send to the browser:

http://localhost:5052/Turnkey/GetImage?img=9!10-SomeImage-application%2Fpdf will use application/pdf as the content type.

NEW: Starting from 2023-08-31 yet another parameter with '-' (forth) will set the content-disposition filename.

This controller may be used by Angular views as well if you want to construct a link to download a file or something without actually having the attribute loaded (if it is marked as delayed fetch).

Option 1

Now you can return Text content this way too.

Option 2

For security concerns, use the AllowMVCAccess tagged value on the attribute. This is the default "ok" for byte[] (to be backward compatible) and the default "notok" for strings - you can also set "okwhenauthenticated". No accessgroup evaluation is provided for GetImage.

See also The_ExternalId_explained to create a more long-lived link.

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