Did you get an MDriven Invitation in the email?

Did you send an MDriven Invitation in the email?

What are MDriven Invitations?

If you log into the portal and view "Your info," you will find this UI:

2018-07-19 20h40 35.png

Here, you can create an invitation and see the invitations that you have created before.

Sending out an invitation to people you know, whom you think would appreciate MDriven is very good for us (the MDriven company and the MDriven user community), but we also want it to be great for YOU!

Each invitation that brings in a new user is YOUR new user - yours in the sense that you get some MCoin cents for each free MCoin we give the new user. You continue to get this kickback every time we hand out free MCoins. If the user consumes all their given free MCoins, they get a full batch of new ones, and the amount you get from that user is larger. If the user does not consume the free MCoins, then you get zero kickback from that user.

You Can Sign Up As Many Users As You Want

The MCoins are used to pay for services in MDriven, all of which cost a certain amount:

  • The use of the Designer
  • A turnkey site
  • The amount of data from a turnkey site

If you have a lot of invitees that use MDriven, you will be set to consume these services at the rate you want.

If you do not have any invitees, you will still get the free batch of MCoins you are eligible for.

If you want to consume more services than what is covered by the free MCoins, you can easily add funds with a credit card or an invoice from us.

You cannot earn real money; we will not pay out MCoins you have gained by kickback, but you can use them for our services!

What Will We Do With All The Money?

MDriven is expanding and we want to grow further professionally. The money we collect is used for what we consume in the form of cloud services - and the development of the MDriven platform. We have so many ideas we want to execute, and a steady income gives us the opportunity to focus on delivering the future of MDriven.

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