Turnkey email settings

Emails from a Turnkey app are sent by serverside jobs running in the MDriven Server used by the Turnkey site.

You can change email settings for a Turnkey Site either in the Portal or in the MDriven Servers email settings.

When you apply settings from the Portal, the MDriven Server settings are updated.

Read more about how to create serverside viewmodels for sending emails

An Explanation for Input Fields

Field Description
SMTP Host name The name of the server, either an IP address or host name. For example smtp.gmail.com
Host port This is usually port 587 when connecting using SSL (can be left blank and default will be used)
Use SSL with SMTP When enabled, the call to the SMTP host will use encryption
SMTP account/email The account used to login to the SMTP service, usually an email
SMTP password The password to use when logging in to the SMTP service

Notes for Using Gmail

When using Gmail, turn on "Less secure app access" (see updates 2020-05-25 below).

Log in to your Gmail/Google account. Go to account settings -> Security and then enable "Access for less secure apps".

Note! When you send using a service like Gmail, don't forget to use the sender email in your serverside job, or you might get an error message like "Incorrect login".

Updates 2020-05-25: After the emailing stopped, our Portal investigations led to us do the following:

1. We now separate the login email from the "from"-email. You can change the "from"-email via the ViewModel, but the login email is always taken from the MDrivenServer settings.

2. Gmail has something called application login: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833?hl=en. We switched to this to get our email working after it suddenly stopped.

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