Emailing from an app using MDrivenServer

Be sure to set up the Portal settings or MDriven Server settings.

Serverside ViewModel

Create a serverside ViewModel like this:

Example of viewmodel for emailing.png

When you have an action in your ViewModel named “email”, MDrivenServer will try to find the following properties in your ViewModel:

  • to: will be used as to email address. You can also send multiple emails in a comma-separated string to send to multiple. Use this syntax PopularName<email> to get a common name to show instead of the email. For example "PopularName1<email@email.x>,PopularName2<email2@email.x>"
  • Bcc : (Added 2020-11-27) Same rules as "to" but blind carbon copy
  • CC : (Added 2020-11-27) Same rules as "to" but carbon copy
  • from: the sender email (You may send the presentation as well as PopularName2<email2@email.x>)
  • frompresentation: the name to use as sender This is no longer in effect as all is handled in the "from" column
  • body: the message
  • subject: the subject line
  • Emailxxx: Any action starting with email will trigger the send.

Adding attachments to server-side emails

Add a nesting column name "attachments".

Let the target nesting have the following columns: file:blob, name:string, and mediatype:string

None of the above is case-sensitive. See the example below:


Extensions 2020-05-28: Inline Disposition and Contentid

If you have an HTML email with pictures, you can either add the image content as base64 data: <img src="-data-string-here" />

Or, if you do want base64 images, you can also add them as attachments and refer to them with a Contentid:

<img src="cid:THECCONTENTID" />

We now check the Attachments-nesting for a column named "contentid" and add this to the attachment. If it is not found, we still add the attachment but without an id.

When adding the content id, we also set the attachments-Disposition-Type to inline. This will have the effect of unlisting the attachment in the email - only showing the attachment where it is referenced from the cid.

The MDriven Book - See: Import data from other SQL servers

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