ORCID is an OpenId Authentication provider popular in the scientific community. It holds information on users, university affiliations, research grants, etc.

The primary use for us is to offer existing Orcid users the use of their Orcid credentials to authenticate in a Turnkey system they build.

Since we do not think this feature will be widely used, we will not initially waste space in the Portal to maintain its settings. Instead, you can enter the settings in the TurnkeySettingsExtra file.

These are the available Orcid settings that can go into the settings file:

  <OrcidAuthentication_ClientId>your Orcid clientid</OrcidAuthentication_ClientId>
  <OrcidAuthentication_ClientSecret>your Orcid secret</OrcidAuthentication_ClientSecret>
  <OrcidAuthenticationRedirectUrl>yoursystem/Account/orcid</OrcidAuthenticationRedirectUrl>  /Account/orcid

A practical way to get your TurnkeySettingsExtra file into the AppData of your system is to use the AssetsTK strategy.

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