AssetsTK is the strategy to move files along with your model onto the server that runs your Turnkey application every time you upload your model.

Your model has a file name ending with either .ecomdl (multi-file format) or .modlr (zip format).

  1. Create a folder next to your model file and name it <Your Model file name without extension>_AssetsTK.
  2. Now, any files put into the _AssetsTK folder will be uploaded along with your model - and expanded out from your application root.
  3. If you need to put an image in the Content folder of your app, create a Content folder in _AssetsTK and put your image in there.

AssetsTK is further detailed in the section on Theme_and_style - but note that AssetsTK is useful for more things than sending style information to the server.

Common Overrides You Can Try


Now the Index ViewModel will be replaced with the HTML you have in index.cshtml - still framed by the Turnkey app (Main menu and left menu).

<YouModelFileName>_AssetsTK/favicon.ico (or .png) will change the tab logo in the browser.

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