Installation of MDriven Server on Windows 7 Enterprise

This guide will help you install MDriven Server locally on Windows 7 if you had a problem during the installation using this article: Installing MDriven Server on Windows.

If Microsoft Web Platform Installer is not yet installed on your computer, download and install it: Microsoft Web Platform Installer 5.0

Open Microsoft Web Platform after installation and find Microsoft Web Matrix 3 on the "Products" tab and install it on your computer.

Microsoft Web Matrix 3 in the Web Platform Installer

Make sure you have IIS Express already installed on your computer. (If you use Visual Studio, it should be installed). If not, install IIS Express from Web Platform Installer.

Now, open Microsoft Web Matrix. If you already have a folder with MDrivenServer, please choose "Open" -> "Folder" and find your folder with MDriven Server.

Open MDriven Server as a folder in Web Matrix 3

Choose "Site" at the bottom and go to "Settings". Enable SSL Connection.

Enable SSL Connection

When you have enabled the SSL connection, press "Run". You can click a link near the SSL Connection checkbox and open it directly on your default browser.

Open MDriven Server in your browser

On the first screen, register a new user for MDriven Server. For example "admin" (not the "a" used by Turnkey)

MDriven Server start page.jpg

After this, log in and head to Admin area -> Infos, errors and MDrivenServer evolve and push "Evolve" Admin database.

Important! MDriven Turnkey will use a user account named “a”, so go back and head to AutoForm, select "databaseIdentity" to admin.

Setting up the "a" user

Choose ASP_User -> Show and there, you can see all users of the MDriven Server. The user "a" will be on the top. If you click on "Details", you will be able to change the user name to another one.

After this, you can log out and register user "a" with your own password.

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