Turnkey Styling

Getting Started

The MDriven Turnkey Style system is based on the BEM methodology. BEM stands for Block, Element, Modifier and is a convention on how to structure CSS rules. Read more here.

Out of the box, you will receive the following UI elements:

  • Static text
  • Image
  • Text field
  • Checkbox
  • Select (Combobox)
  • Date picker
  • Data-table
  • Button
  • File upload
  • Link
  • Textarea
  • Number field
  • Float field


MDriven Turnkey uses the CSS Grid to create the application layout - unless you make use of placingcontainers - then the CSS flexbox is the core layout creator.

What are Modifier-classes?

Modifier-classes allow you to customise MDriven Turnkey's components.

To use modifier-classes, put them into the "Style ref" field in the ViewModel Editor.

Style ref in ViewModel editor

Text Elements

Context Colors

From the box, you're able to use five default contextual colours in MDriven Turnkey. You can modify them with the help of CSS custom properties.

  • Danger
  • Warning
  • Success
  • Info


With the help of the modifier-classes, you can style your static text as a chip component from Google Material design.

Example Modifier-class
Chip default.png chip
Chip danger.png chip danger
Chip warning.png chip warning
Chip success.png chip success
Chip info.png chip info

Info Block

Coming soon...

Checkbox and Switch

Checkbox is the default presentation of the boolean attribute in your model.

Example Description
Checkbox default.png Default checkbox presentation
Checkbox checked.png Checkbox checked presentation

Switch is a different way in which you can present your boolean attribute in MDriven Turnkey. To change the presentation of the boolean attribute from the default checkbox to switch, set the TaggedValue "Switch" to your ViewModelColumn.

Example Description
Switch default.png Default switch presentation
Switch selected.png Switch selected presentation


With the help of the modifier-classes, you can style the text data in your Turnkey application as headings. The available modifier-classes are listed in the table below.

Example Modifier-class
Turnkey heading h1.png h1
Turnkey heading h2.png h2
Turnkey heading h3.png h3
Turnkey heading h4.png h4
Turnkey heading h5.png h5
Turnkey heading h6.png h6

See also: Layout and CSS

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