TinyMCE editor

When you want a better editing experience for texts, TinyMCE is a possible way to go.

TinyMCE example.png

Look here for instructions: EXT Components

For integrating with AngularJS, we use this project on GitHub: https://github.com/angular-ui/ui-tinymce

You can follow their example with some changes.

The GitHub project defines an AngularJS module. Modules can't usually be loaded after the main app module has been loaded, and there's no way to tell the MDrivenAngularApp to depend on new modules beforehand.

Therefore, add this code to the end of the UI-TinyMCE code:

// Push the module into the MDrivenAngularAppModule (hack way)

This will insert the TinyMCE module into the MDrivenAngularAppModule, making its directive available.

You also need to add an AppWideAngularScriptIncludes for loading the TinyMCE. Look here for URLs: https://www.tiny.cloud/get-tiny/

You can then use this code:

<textarea ui-tinymce ng-model='data.[ViewModelColumnName]'/>

as your override cshtml.

The Code We Are Using

We download and store a copy of the TinyMCE editor as an Asset on the turnkey site. Download it here: File:TinyMCE.zip


  • TinyMCE.cshtml is used server-side to load the Tiny editors AngularJS directive
  • tinymce.js is the code from https://github.com/angular-ui/ui-tinymce with minor changes
  • One change is that we loaded user options for the editor from userOptions.json, making it easier to adapt the editor to each project. The zip file contains an options file that includes all free options of TinyMCE
  • We also added JS to enable uploads of local images to be base64 encoded in HTML
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