Visual Studio Templates

Visual Studio templates are definitions that help users create projects for running MDriven Framework.

The Visual Studio templates changed from version VS2017.

Important paths for how the templates work (Visual Studio generic information):

MDriven installs templates here: C:\Users\<User>\Documents\Visual Studio 201X\Templates

We do so by writing .vstman files; MDrivenSolution.vstman and MDrivenEcoSpaceAndModel.vstman. These files are manifests and point out where the actual template lies:


The actual template is a zip file that is placed like this:


If there are problems with the templates, they could be reset by the Developer command prompt for VS2017.: devenv /updateconfiguration

(prior to vs2017, devenv/setup was used - I am not sure if it still works or does the same thing.)

Missing Templates

If the templates are missing, check where your user Documents path leads to, ie Note that this may be on OneDrive for some users.

  • Check the corresponding path for the user that installed the MDriven-Framework.
  • Find the MDriven templates from the MDriven installation under the installing user's Documents folder: "Documents\Visual Studio 201x\Templates\ItemTemplates\MDriven" and "Documents\Visual Studio 201x\Templates\ProjectTemplates\MDriven", where x is 7 or 9 for VS2017 of VS2019.
  • Copy these and put them under your user's Documents folder in the same relative location.
  • Restart Visual Studio.
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