Use SqlServer

To switch your Turnkey site from using the default SQLCompact to using the SQLServer in Azure instead, do this:

  1. Login to you MDrivenServer (yoursite/__MDrivenServer - credentials in
  2. Go to AdminArea / Model Version Administration
  3. Select A0
  4. Pause your App with the Pause button
  5. Change ConnectionType to SqlServer
  6. Paste in ConnectionString that includes the user and password
  7. Start your app
2017-02-25 13h18 19.png

This will make your app look in the SqlServer instead of the default CompactDB. But your SQLServer is still empty! MDriven must create the schema.

To signal MDriven to drop everything and re-create the schema, do this:

  1. Make sure you have the model locally in MDrivenDesigner
  2. Delete ALL VERSIONS of the model in MDriven Server so that the list is empty and contains NO MODELS
  3. Upload the model from MDrivenDesigner
  4. MDriven Server will now find that there is no old model to evolve and will recreate the database as a result
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