Unknown valuetype

There is an error of unknown origin that may destroy the model info needed for Evolve of the Admin DB of MDrivenServer.

The error shows up as:

Problem in portalpush Unknown valuetype in admin_ECO_ORMAPPING table ()

The root cause is yet unknown. The admin_ECO_ORMAPPING has been wrongfully cleared of model info.

To fix it:

  1. Find another MDrivenServer with the same current admin model and go to <mdrivenServer>/admin/EvolveDebugPage.aspx
  2. Execute the "Get from Current"
  3. Copy the resulting XML text from the Admin DB Script box.
  4. Paste this value into the MDrivenServer with the error. Submit. Then "Update Current With Given."

(This operation inserts the missing DB Script. There are other ways to do this. Download DB, use a SqlCompact tool like LinqPad, and insert the missing script. Upload model)

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