Turnkey treeview

This video describes how to do a treeview and a flot.js diagram in a Turnkey site.

To make your experience smooth, we set the main tags mentioned in the video to the right bar menu of this mini-player. Choose an interesting subtitle on the list and immediately get to the exact theme navigation item place in the video. Now you can pick any topic to be instructed on without watching the whole video.

Example Treeview Grids as a data repository Implement TreeView with the ViewModel (building the data structure) Content Override .cshtml directives and how to match up the pattern tkTreeView typescript file to install the directives ecomdl VS modlr Saving locally _AssetsTK folder to update AppWideAngularScriptsIncludes.cshtml

The files to achieve this are both javascript and CSS. They must be placed in the correct locations so that the assumptions done in the tree and flot are correct.

The complete sample model - in this case, saved as a 7z file of the ecomdl file and subfiles - is found here. Also, note the folder ending in _AssetsTK; whenever the cloud upload executes, it will try to find such a folder <yourModelName>_AssetsTK. It will include this in the upload to the TurnkeyServer and there, it will be expanded.

It is the _AssetsTK folder that holds the javascript and CSS that does the magic in this case. File:AussiWork.7z

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