Turnkey sample ProjectPlanning

ProjectPlanning is one type of Generic Gist we have created for you to take as a starting point for something else.

The idea is that once you see the simple use cases addressed by ProjectPlanning, you might start to think about how those approaches could bring value or insight to a specific business problem you have or know about.

It is very easy to fork this example Gist and tweak it to fit your purpose.

  • Once you have forked it, you are encouraged to adapt it any way you see fit.
  • Once you have something you think will bring value to your current clients or possible clients, you can start to offer those clients access to your system.

When you choose to sell access to clients, you are free and encouraged to do so.

It is important to know that you can build a complete business of your ideas implemented with MDriven. The system you build is yours and yours alone. You become the information system provider to your customers. With MDriven Turnkey covering your back, we help you deliver any request your new clients may put forward.

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