Tables and Grids


A table is a representation of data organized in rows and columns, resembling a traditional spreadsheet. It is typically used to present structured data where each row represents a separate entity or record, and each column represents a specific attribute or property of that entity. Tables are commonly used in database systems, data entry forms, and data visualization applications. Users can interact with tables by sorting, filtering, and manipulating data within cells.

On the other hand, a grid is a more flexible layout structure used to display and arrange various types of content, not necessarily limited to data. A grid system divides a user interface into a set of equally sized and aligned cells or regions. Each cell can contain different types of content, such as text, images, buttons, or even other grids or tables. Grids provide a way to create complex layouts and enable responsive designs that adapt to different screen sizes and orientations.

Click on Lists

Single-row handling

The default for lists is to show a pop-up menu or perform the default action if it’s the only one. Usually, this is for a “Show” action navigating to the object clicked.

If you select “Always show actions” for a ViewModel class in the Designer (i.e. a list), it will be rendered in “select one” mode and with the actions for the current row in the left menu. Clicking on the list/row will NOT show the pop-up menu or perform the default action if it’s the only one.

  • If the list doesn’t have any actions “opted-in”, the list should also be rendered in ”select one” mode.

Multi-row handling

You can turn on multi-select for lists by adding the tag “MultiSelect” with the value True (no quotes) on the ViewModel class.

  1. Select the ViewModel class and click on “TV and Attributes”.
  2. Add the MultiSelect value to the Value Store.
  3. Add the Value Store value to the ViewModel.

This will make selecting and deselecting individual rows possible and update the vSelected variable.

Then, make actions acting on the vSelected collection in the server action.

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