Split time string to value

I was asked how to split a string from a textbox to its given hour and minute values.

let x='22:12'.split(':'.tochararray) in
  Integer.Parse(x.at0(0)).asstring+' hours and '+Integer.Parse(x.at0(1)).asstring+' minutes'

Why, you ask? Well, consider having this in a ReverseDerived string representing the clock. Once you have the parts, you can update a Datetime value with these for storage.

Or maybe do something like this:

let x='22:12'.split(':'.tochararray) in(
  DateTime.Parse('0001-01-01 '+x.at0(0)+':'+x.at0(1))

Later, I found that this article addresses the same issue in a wider context together with the derived settable attribute here: Derived settable attributes.

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