Render MVC ViewModel without turnkey

MDriven Turnkey strives to create a seamless environment for application development. If you would like to use parts of the functionality and render a specific ViewModel from MDriven Framework MVC projects, you can do so.

A good way to get started with this is to look into the MDriven Turnkey View called Turnkey/Views/Turnkey/GenericView.cshtml

The trick is to make your MVC model of type VMClass -> @model VMClass.

You can then use this construct to render the ViewModel UI: @Html.Partial(Html.RazorPartialFile());

  • To get the actions for the left side: @Html.DisplayLeftSection()
  • To get broken constraints: @Html.ValidationSummary(true)
  • To create VMClass instances, use: Eco.ViewModel.Runtime.ViewModelHelper
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