PopUp action

Actions can bring up Views. A modifier of the view shown is the "Is Modal" modifier which brings up the view in a modal overlay that must be closed by "Ok" or "Cancel" before continuing with other actions on the original page.

Yet another variation is the new "Is PopUp" modifier.

How to think about the difference between PopUp and Modal:

  • PopUp: fitting more info and logic in a small space
  • Modal: force decision from user
2021-01-10 11h37 09.png

The PopUp is equal to the Modal in many ways but differs from the Modal:

  • By not having a header
  • By not having the "ok" and "cancel" buttons
  • By allowing you to dismiss the PopUp by clicking outside the popup view

The PopUp is always submitting changes to the underlying view. Any cancel action you would like to perform must be done on the underlying (or starting) view.

2021-01-10 11h34 01.gif
In place Popup

You can also do a lightweight InPlacePopup that has everything defined in just one viewmodel. You do this by placing a button - and add a nesting to the button. The content from the nesting will render as a popup when the button is pressed.

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