OCLOperators sqlpassthroughobjects

Examples of how to use the sqlpassthroughobjects

The two examples below can be used in a derived association.

If you already have the primary key available, you can do this:
Kundfaktura.sqlpassthroughobjects('select ' + self.FakturaReferensnummer.toString )->first
If you are looking for a specific object using some field:
Kundfaktura.sqlpassthroughobjects('select FAKTURA_ID from tbl_FAKTUROR where FAKTURA_ID = ' + self.FakturaReferensnummer.toString )->first


  • You can use @variable in your SQL because it is an automatically available variable when the function is called.
  • You need to quote strings to be passed (if they aren't variables), like self.Anvandarnamn above. The \' is an escaped quote in OCL (Escape codes).
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