OCLOperators XmlValidateWithSchemas

selfVM.XmlValidateWithSchemas(somexml, collection of URLs to schemas)

This operator reads one or more XML Schemas and validates the supplied XML in regard to those schemas.

selfVM.XmlValidateWithSchemas( '<root/>' ,  Set{'http://www.gdsregistry.org/3.1/schemas/gs1/gdsn/CatalogueItemNotification.xsd'} )->foreach(s|self.Details.Add(Detail.Create);self.Details->last.Attribute1:=s)

Output in strings will look something like this:

Error: The 'gtin' element is invalid - The value '' is invalid according to its datatype 'urn:gs1:shared:shared_common:xsd:3:GTINType' - The Pattern constraint failed.
Warning: No schema for root element.
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