OCLOperators ImportTabSepData

This may be the coolest thing ever!

If you have Tabular separated data - like what you get by copying from Excel - you can use it to create or update objects and set attributes and single links.

Create a normal Seeker form - make the search field multiline so that it accepts multiple rows of tab-separated data - add a ViewModel action "CreateNew" and have it generate an object of the class in your Seeker.

2018-02-20 22h16 15.png

selfVM.ImportTabSepData will trigger the import logic.

ImportTabSepData will trigger import functionality using SearchExpressions in your ViewModel. Using TabSeperated data - the first column is key. If the key is not found by search, CreateNew action will be executed; if available, use read-only.

Note! It has to be a ViewModel or class action, not just an action on the ViewModel itself (defined in the Action Editor, that is).

Note! A "tab character" needs to be present in each line. Take special care when importing only one column of data. Also, make sure every column is set to "read-only".


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