We continuously build and upload new versions to Nuget.

MDriven design time support is built with MDriven. This can confuse you about what bits to use in runtime.

The Visual Studio plugin for MDriven Designer is installed locally, and you can find all assemblies needed for runtime in the install bin library.

See here for paths: MDriven Framework Visual Studio installation

You can also find the assemblies for runtime use on Nuget in various packages:

If you're not sure about which packages to install to resolve your project's references, always start with EcoCore.

Build numbers

Earlier versions did set the BuildNumber as the VersionNumber of the assemblies - like this 7.0.0.BuildNo.

This is not longer the case. Instead all assemblies always get the VersionNumber - and we only have the build number on the nuget-packages. This is the best practice way to ensure function between the MDriven design time support and the Nuget packages you currently have in your app.

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