MDriven Server problem with evolve

NOTE(2024-02-05): Normally you would not need this. This text is to fix a problem that is recognized by finding the Evolve-Script text-box being empty - the normal case is that it has the evolve script from the last successful evolve.

NEW(2022-10-28): We now look for App_Data\MissingOrMapping.xml. If ORMapping is missing in the startup of the app and the file is found, we inject the file. The included file is version 13500 of the script. You can change it if needed.

If the file is found, and used, it will be renamed to Used_MissingOrMapping.xml to avoid using it again.

Here is a short video discussing this:

Versions up till 2019-03-25 had issues with admin database evolve. This gave the effect that upon evolving the admin database of MDrivenServer (this happens when MDrivenServer has an updated internal model), the changescript needed for doing further evolves would get ERASED.

If this happens, the MDrivenServer will not be able to evolve to newer versions.

To restore this missing script, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download this XML File:Evolve.xml and open it in a text editor, NOT a browser - you need to preserve the encoding of < and >.
  2. Go to your MDrivenServer-settings-admin
  3. Check if you have the script already (Read the current Evolve script). If not, paste the correct script based on the version + then "Write Current Evolve Script" + Ensure you SUCCESSFULLY LOADED THE SCRIPT by ensuring that Read CURRENT EVOLVE SCRIPT RETURNS IT.
  4. Try to make admin evolve once more.
2021-10-18 11h08 34.png

Admin DB Issues Described

When admin DB refuses to work, it may be due to one of these issues:

  1. Eco_Ormapping is empty AND the DB schema is old
  2. Eco_Ormapping has the newest versions - but the DB schema is old
  3. DB schema is new but Eco_OrMapping is empty

If issue 1: Evolve cannot run - and Repair only takes us to issue 2

If issue 2: Evolve does not discover the need to update db_schema and the admin will not start due to the old schema

If issue 3: No error is seen until a future evolve when you end up at issue 1

The correct state is 4. Eco_Ormapping Describes the current Schema

  • To solve issues 1 & 2: Grab the correct script from those available above - write it with "Write current evolve script" followed by "Evolve admin DB"
  • To solve issue 3: do "Repair admin evolve script"
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