Introduction to ECO

ECO is short for EnterpriseCoreObjects and is the old name we used for the MDriven-technology. The ECO name was shared with Borlands/Codegears product named ECO that was a similar product targeting the Delphi development environment. Codegear discontinued their ECO-product when they switched focus to native development and no .net.

MDriven has never targeted the Delphi development environment - we have always targeted Visual Studio (MDrivenFramework) and stand alone modelling (MDrivenDesigner)

MDriven has honored the API and general constructs of Codegears ECO - and MDriven is a good transition path for any one wanting to stay model driven in a .net environment going forward.

MDriven AB - the owner of all MDriven products - has no affiliation or ties to Codegear.

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