Introducing MDriven Turnkey

With MDriven Turnkey, we have separated the three different areas of concern.

  1. System Gist: designed with MDriven Designer
  2. Modernity: implemented by the MDriven Turnkey motor and the MDriven Server
  3. Fashion: done with CSS and Html5 and AngularJS – or WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

The System Gist is explained earlier in this book and this chapter is dedicated to how you create your MDriven Turnkey site so that you have somewhere to execute the System Gist.

There are three ways to get a brand new MDriven Turnkey site:

  1. Buy a slot from MDriven
  2. Set up one in your own Azure account.
  3. Set up one on your own premise

Buying a Turnkey slot from MDriven can be a great way to get started, but MDriven will do the same thing as described for Azure below. The only difference is that the MDriven Azure account will be used and as such, MDriven will pay Microsoft for computing power. To buy your slot, follow the instructions on the MDriven site.

The MDriven Book - See: Installing TurnKey as an Azure WebApp

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