Improved routes
        // Better routes App,MVC,Rest
        /// APP
        /// http://localhost:5052/Turnkey/AngularApp#/ViewOneThing/11!1           old
        /// http://localhost:5052/App#/ViewOneThing/11!1                          improved
        /// MVC
        /// http://localhost:5052/Turnkey/Display/11!1?view=ViewOneThingCopy      old
        /// http://localhost:5052/MVC/ViewOneThingCopy/11!1                       improved
        /// Rest
        /// http://localhost:5052/TurnkeyRest/Get?command=ViewOneThing&id=11!1    old
        /// http://localhost:5052/Rest/ViewOneThing/Get?id=11!1                   improved
        /// http://localhost:5052/Rest/ViewOneThing/Get/11!1                      also improved

Routes have been added, but applications will not use them yet (210314).

The old routes will still function.

In what way are they better? They:

  • Are shorter
  • Do not show Turnkey brand
  • Do not show Angular brand
  • Have better order of API and verb for rest
  • Have better order of view for MVC

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