How to access your Turnkey site with FTP

When you work with Turnkey, using page overrides and your site assets, you may want to access your site with FTP for uploading these. The MDriven Turnkey administration in LicenseAndTicket does allow for page overrides and site assets, but it may be more practical for you to upload this with FTP.

To use FTP, find the address and password for your site.

You can find these details in the publishing profile you can download in the ManageOneTurnkeySite dialog of LicenseAndTicket:

Acces ftp - 1.png

The publishing profile is an XML file with the information we need:

Acces ftp - 2.png

Make a note of publishUrl, userName, and userPWD from the FTP section.

Start your favorite FTP program – mine is Filezilla – and connect to your site using the information above.

There are primarily 3 folders you may want to access:

Acces ftp - 3.png
  1. Content: This is where the CSS, script files, images, and anything else go.
  2. EXT_OverridePages: The cshtml files with markup that will replace a ViewModel auto-generated UI are stored here – matched by file name.
  3. EXT_LateBoundAssembly: (Advanced) This is where the .net assemblies that fulfill the interface of the IExternalLateBoundService are kept. This will in turn allow for your MDriven Turnkey model to call any .net code that you want.
    // Eco.Interfaces.dll
    namespace Eco.Services
      // Summary:
      //     Allows you to supply domain object method implementations with late bound assembly
      public interface IExternalLateBoundService
        IElement Execute(IClassifier classifier, IObject theobject, IMethod method, 
                  IModifiableVariableList variableList);
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