Hide Password login

If you have social logins and you want users to use those instead of setting up local accounts, then you can set the HidePasswordLogin setting on your Turnkey site.

The “Register” link will not show and the Social Login Icons will be added to the main menu for direct access.

2018-09-18 22h53 14.png

See HeaderBasedAuthenticationTag for more settings on Account actions.

Settings Relevant to Organizations That Want to Provide a Single Sign-on Experience

  • HidePasswordLogin - as described above.
  • AllowUserToChooseSocialLoginEmail - when registering the local account for first time log-in, should the used email be editable or taken from the external userid?
  • SkipExternalAccountConfirmationScreen - the screen where the local account is confirmed the first time may be skipped.
  • OpenIDConnectScope - the normal "openid profile" is used if you do not provide your own. Consider adding "email" to the list if available at IDP.

See: TurnkeySettings

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