Hide Main menu or left menu

To hide or turn off the left menu or sidebar on a ViewModel, add the tagged value HideSidebar = true to the ViewModel root.

A.k.a: hide left side, hide all actions for a specific page

Update 2020-06-15:

To make it easier to have page unique styles in CSS that also target items that are not part of the ViewModel (i.e. the menu, etc), we added the attribute Turnkeyview and Turnkeyviewmodal set to ViewModel name on the document root.

Example of how to hide the main menu on the page named ViewValueStore only and to make that view a pink background:

  html[turnkeyview="ViewValueStore"] #globalNavWrapper {
   visibility: hidden;
  html[turnkeyview="ViewValueStore"] #bodyWrapper{
   background: pink;
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