External login screen problem

If a user is unable to log in with an external login provider and is getting stuck on the Register page, it is probably due to old or incorrect SysUser or SysExternalLogin objects in the database.

Do this:

  1. Please note that if your application is running, the user should log out and close their browsers.
  2. Remove all previous SysUser and SysExternalLogin objects - preferably from inside your application to make the syncing of objects remove them from the server memory. If you need to do it from the database directly, restart the Turnkey server or wait at least 15 minutes for the objects to be removed from running EcoSpaces.
  3. If the external login is with Google (for example), ask the user to also go to their Google account view and remove the application approval for your application.

After these steps, the correct SysUser and SysExternalLogin objects should be recreated the next time the user authenticates with the social login service.

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