Case sensitive or not

Tagged values

When it comes to tagged values, the value is a string. It is up to the implementer how the interpretation is done -> case-to-case. Having said that, we aim to have all boolean-tagged values as case insensitive. If you find exceptions to this ambition, it would be great if you reported it so that we can fix it.


OCL is largely case-insensitive when it comes to identifiers and operators BUT types must start with a Capital-letter. Data in MDriven is always case sensitive; operators toupper, tolower, sqllike and sqllikecaseinsensitive handle case conversion.

OCL-PS / Database

When creating SQL-Server instances, you can decide what collation to use. Collations containing "_CI_" in the name are case insensitive while others are case sensitive. We offer OCL operators sqllike and sqllikecaseinsensitive.

In the persistence mapping setup for MDrivenServer, we use a bit to represent bool in the database -> 1==true, 0==false. If you have DefaultDbValue on a boolean, you must put 1 or 0.

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