Breaking changes

2021 February, Issue With ViewModelActions

It was possible to have self in ViewModelContextActions - but self was undefined and you were supposed to use vCurrent_ (class actions have self but ViewModelActions do not).

Sometimes it worked anyway, but it often led to strange errors and views that did not show.

After this change, you may get a lot of Model errors.

The fix is to replace "self" with "vCurrent_<TheViewOwningTheAction>".

For simple cases, doing this in the Designer debugger may help:

2021-02-02 13h54 47.png

MDriven Framework: We Now Require Legal OCL in All oclColumns

Since 2018 and with the support for VS2019, we made changes related to efficient load that make the Framework check all oclColumns.

Prior to this point, oclColumns could be ignored if no one ever used them, but now, we assume that they are all used and thus valid. This is in line with our shift from placed handles to compound declarative ViewModels that are statically checked along with the model.

We will now throw an exception if an illegal OCL is found in the derivation phase.

If you would rather log this with a trace, you can do so by setting the new variable:

/// <summary>
/// Set this property to false (default true) if you only want trace logging of failing derivations
/// </summary>

MDriven Framework: VariableHandle Changed Default on AddDefaultNestings and AddDefaultProperties From True to False

Earlier, we had AddDefaultNestings and AddDefaultProperties=true as default and this introduced an extra unnecessary load. If you want to use "self", a better option is to set AddSelfColumn on the variableHandle.

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