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2021 - December

Serverside Blazor, VS2022. .net5.

Using the MDriven bits for .net472 (I do this to see how it works - there are .netStandard and .net5 builds as well)

I now understand that Dispatcher and everything related to it is classified as "WPF threading". We do make some assumptions on Dispatcher in ViewModels, and AsyncService that will trip up when using 472 builds in .net5.

To avoid stops, set this early:

PeriodActionTimerTuple.Environment_HasDispatcher = false;

Blazor may have a Singleton service installed in Startup ConfigureServices like this:


Example of implementation:

public class MyDataService
  private EcoProject1EcoSpace _es;
  public MyDataService()
    PeriodActionTimerTuple.Environment_HasDispatcher = false;
    _es = new EcoProject1EcoSpace();
    _es.Active = true;
    var list=_es.Extents.AllInstances<Class1>();
    if (list.Count == 0)
      new Class1(_es) { Attribute1="Hello"};

 public Task<IList<Class1>> GetSomeData(DateTime startDate)        
   return Task.FromResult(_es.Extents.AllInstances<Class1>() as IList<Class1>);        


Initial tests on MDriven - via .netStandard2.1 to run on Blazor.

WCF-Client is not supported: I will remove WCF dependencies in the new build set called MDriven.netStandard.Blazor.

We use System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap.SoapFormatter to handle serializing of complex keys (I think it is overkill and should work away). SoapFormatter does not work in Blazor. Replacing this with a dummy stub initially - only in MDriven.netStandard.Blazor builds.

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