Barcode - on Android - with Xamarin and MDriven

Samples moved from the installation folder of MDriven Framework to this new bitbucket git repository found here:

The sample discussed here is available there as well:

In this video, you will see me flipping on my sluggish A3 Samsung device – scanning barcodes – and building up imaginary shelves and items on these. This is sent to the server and to update objects defined by the server model.

  • I use Xamarin Forms in Visual Studio 2017, MDriven Framework with build number 9205 or higher, and MDriven Turnkey deployed today (17-04-10) or later. I also make use of ZXing barcode scanning and Newton.Json.
  • I use code-generated ViewModels and bind them to Xamarin form views and I will show this while working declaratively with MDriven. You can verify all the business requirements before writing any c# on the phone – and that will save you serious time.

Continue developing an MDriven Android mobile app.

To make your experience smooth, we set the main tags mentioned in the video to the right bar menu of this mini-player. Choose an interesting subtitle on the list and immediately get to the exact theme navigation item place in the video. Now you can pick any topic to be instructed on without watching the whole video.

Barcode - on Android - with Xamarin and MDriven Android App Functionality Scanning QR and Barcodes MDriven Application Server Model Phone Model: StorageBuilder ViewModel Sync Action Scanner Action Running the Model on the Server Prototyping and Simulating Xamarin Forms Project Code-Generated ViewModel (BuidStoragePage.xaml) Register/Login in MDriven Designer JSonToObjects MVC ViewModel

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