Auto save

Auto Save of the Page (No Save Button Needed)

The default for a MDriven application is to provide users with a Save button. By doing so the user get the ability also to undo and redo changes, giving a full desktop experience.

But when you develop for mobile phones, you might want to provide the user with a user interaction model where the content on the page is saved automatically and thus, remove the need for a "save button".

The easiest (and recommended) way to accomplish this is to use the ViewModel tagged value, Span.Eco.AutoSave

You can also do this "manually" if you have special needs, like this:

Periodic action (repeat every i.e. 2000 ms and set DisableExpression to 'not selfVM.IsDirty' in order to only run when something IS dirty) is set to be visible if there is dirty data:

if selfVM.IsDirty  then

To hide the sidebar to not show the save button, please see Span.HideSidebar

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