AutoForms–get more with less faster

This feature is really exciting. Once again, we take the Framework we develop and fold it down on itself to create a new value. By statically analyzing the definition in classes and feeding that information back into the ViewModel rendering, we produce Autoforms for everything in your model with very little effort.

Autoforms are a shortcut to get a basic setup of views in a system. For example, if you have a view based on SysSingleton, an autoform from SysSingleton will add all the different attributes of that class to a ViewModel.

You can edit all properties, search and set single links and multi-links, and create and delete objects of all classes with zero input.

This is a turbo-charged way to get up and close the data your model describes.

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AutoForms continued - now they can be used on the web and in design time:

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