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OCLOperators SuspectExternalUpdateInvalidate

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If you for some reason suspect that a third party has changed rows in the database you can use selfVM.SuspectExternalUpdateInvalidate(listOfObjectsYouSuspect).

Doing so will notify the SyncServer (you have a sync server in MDrivenServer) that this row needs to be reread completely - by all clients that has this row cached.

Clients will be get this information when doing their next Refresh (available via selfVM.Refresh and as framework action).

The SuspectExternalUpdateInvalidate operation can made part of a bigger pattern to make MDriven play nice with others that write data. In SQLServer there is the Change Tracking functionlity. Change tracking makes it possible to ask for changed rows - combine this functionality (that can be called with SqlPassthrough) and you get a system that finds changes by others and changes by triggers.