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Debugging MDrivenServer Serverside actions

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To see what actions that has been executed you can look them up in admin/AdminAppPeriodicActions.aspx

2019-09-09 13h54 03.png

You can also get an overview what runs when by looking at /admin/WorkInfo.aspx


And then you will always see actions in the log at admin/Log.aspx:


Notice the number hiliited in green - this number binds one server job together - there may be many jobs going in parallel - and the log will be mixed - but the number will help you see what belongs to what.

Catching debug info and saving it into your model

To further simplify debugging we have in the September 2019 release added extended functionality.

You can add root viewmodel columns named:

ErrorInfo (not case sensitive, must start with) - string typically less than 255 char

ExceptionInfo (not case sensitive, must start with) - string typically long with a callstack - we will truncate to fit target attribute

OnException (action, not case sensitive, must start with)

If an exception occurs in a serverside viewmodel we will set ErrorInfo, ExceptionInfo and lastly call OnException-action.