OCLOperators PSEval

The OCLOperator PSEval makes it possible to use oclPS in any OCL expression. Using this, you can "reach into" the database from OCL and action-language (EAL).

Expression template:


Note! PSEval doesn't subscribe to sets from DB. To make the operator auto-updating, provide an expression in "dependon" that, when changed, should also rerun the PSEval expression. This can, for example, be a timer.

Note! Offset is 0-based.


Uppdrag.PSEval(self.Uppdrag->select(u|u.Aktivt)->orderDescending(u|u.Startdatum),  1000, 0, self.Uppdrag)

For example, this expression from a method has "userName" as a parameter:


Always remember that your SQL-server might also need indexes and other performance settings to execute your expression efficiently.

Note! The offset parameter should almost always be 0, if not used to show a seconds page in a pagination or similar.

See also: Sqlpassthrough, PSEvalValue, PSEvalTuples

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