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Moving from legacy ECO to MDrivenServer

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Revision as of 09:48, 7 February 2023 by Stephanie (talk | contribs)

  • Get an MDrivenServer installed on an IIS or use the MDrivenServer core for self-hosted .net5
  • Get it secured with an account your app will use. Add a few accounts like the account the app will use, one for you as admin and one called "a" as turnkey assumes that account name. Then, turn the registration of new accounts off.
  • Upload your model via the Designer-Cloud-Dialog
  • Change the MDrivenServer Database preference to MSSql of MySQL and give the connection string to your existing database.
  • Upload the model once more and verify that the evolve is now towards your external DB and that there are no changes.
  • Use the MDrivenServer "Data in A0" web UI to see how you can access your data.
  • Change your client (WinForms, WPF, MVC) from direct-SQL, or another PersistenceMapper to use the WebApi towards your MDrivenServer. Use the account and pwd you set up in MDrivenServer.
  • Make sure your app works as before.
  • Now, you are well prepared to test your application in MDriven Turnkey to get a full web experience with streaming data and live updates.