OCLOperators RunServerSideViewModelNow

RunServerSideViewModelNow asks an implementing PersistenceServer - like MDrivenServer - to hurry up and execute a ServerSideViewModel asap.

ServerSideViewModels are implemented by the MDrivenServer. They are often used to synchronize tasks such as assigning a new sequence number or the like. Often, the pattern is that the Client sets a state that the ServerSideViewModel finds with the ServerSide PS Criteria and then executes actions and saves.

The Client waits for this to happen and issues a selfVM.Refresh to get the new data.

Since ServerSideViewModels are polled with a defined interval (periodicity), the wait for the Client may be longer than optimal for user experience.

Use this call to influence the server to check for execution need as soon as possible instead of waiting for the interval period:

selfVM.RunServerSideViewModelNow( SomeClass.ViewModels.SomeServerSideViewModelWeWaitFor ); 
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