MDrivenServer, opening the built-in database

If you want to open the downloaded DatabaseCompact.sdf database file, we recommend using Linqpad (

When opening the sdf-file, select SQL CE 4.0 driver.

If Linqpad can't find the driver, download the Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 database driver from Microsoft and install it, then restart Linqpad.

Please note that all database tables are prefixed with A0_ for the modeled database and Admin_ for the MDriven server's own database.

Lost Password or Locked Out

If you have lost all passwords to the MDrivenserver, open the Admin_GlobalSettings table and set the TurnOffRegistration to false. Now, you can register a new account (then you can drop the old one and recreate it with a password you remember).

You may also set the password hash in Admin_ASP_User to /E9hXB/R+3kx+HAZuYzI0DqwrKc= that corresponds to password 123456 (if you have not changed the machine key given in the webconfig).

A lockout will occur on multiple fails to log in - it will persist for 10 minutes.

Having the app registered in the portal enables the portal to reset/set passwords and unlock by doing SendSettings and restarting.

If You Have Access to the Server

In the MDrivenServer/App_Data folder, place a file named PwdReset.txt that has only the wanted password in it. Restart the MDrivenServer. If the App_Data/PwdReset.txt is found during startup and contains a string - that string will be set on user a and if user a was locked out, it will now be unlocked. (function added 2021-08-26).

The file will be deleted after it is read. Make sure to save and close before restarting MDrivenServer.

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