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MDrivenServer, Lost password or locked out

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If you have been locked out or forgotten the password to your MDrivenServer, you can stop the web server and copy the database file and edit it.

  • On a Windows installation, stop the web server using IIS Manager.
  • On Azure, stop your site and then use the Advanced Tools to download the database file

The database file is located in __MDrivenServer/App_data/DatabaseCompact.sdf

Once download use the procedure MDrivenServer, opening the build-in database, to open the database.

In the table Admin_ASP_Users, you can set IsLockedOut to 0 (false) if you have been locked out.

To reset the password, copy the Password field fron another installation that you know the password for, an you will have set it.

Once done, upload the database file again and restart the web site or IIS.

You can also reset pwd with a PwdReset.txt file on the server: MDrivenServer,_opening_the_built-in_database

Init logic - MDrivenServer

When the MDrivenServer is started it looks for a App_Data/DatabaseCompact.sdf - if none is found it copies App_Data/DatabaseCompact_TkStartDb.sdf to App_Data/DatabaseCompact.sdf and tries again.

The App_Data/DatabaseCompact_TkStartDb.sdf is the template db used for new installations.

It has a user named "a" with pwd=123456. The PWD is replaced by portal in cloud scenarios.

See also MDrivenServer,_opening_the_built-in_database